Founder  Lakshman Molleti in his words about his first adopted desi dog “Raju”. Raju is the main reason for him to start the “AWBP Trust” project. As per founder, the birth date of Raju is 18th Feb’13 and he left this world on 7th Oct’20. The founder felt “world should know about his journey with him”.

This song dedicated to Raju (Click here)

The Story Of Raju

Raju Pet Dog AWBP trust“Raju is a dog like any other street kid whom I saw on the busy streets in Pune. People used to cross every day, and with heavy traffic with vehicles morning to till night, I remember his age around six months, lost orphan, he didn’t have any company. He was in search of human love, who can provide care and feed his stomach. As the kid is very close to the main road, I always sensed that he is not safe where he can’t find food, water, and care from anyone as all the passers are busy with their lifestyle.

Before meeting Raju, I fed a few animals in the community every day after my office work. I decided to support Raju after looking at his situation. He is a very active fellow; whenever he looks at me, comes with a lot of hope. He trusted me, and his hope has raised after meeting me. I am always searching for him if he is not where I feed him, since most of them abuse him in my absence. To protect himself, he used to hide to save his life.

Raju’s Accident

One day and this is the day altogether; things got changed in my life. Like any other day, I went around 11 PM to give food to him. This time to my surprise Raju was on the opposite side but didn’t come to me. He sat in one place by wagging his tail. I felt something went wrong but never expected him to go through a major accident, which turned him into a DISABLED being. That night I picked him up slowly into my hands and took him directly to my home. The whole day he was in pain, unable to stand. Felt sad for the pain he is going through.

Blue Cross Treatment For Raju

The next morning, took him to Blue Cross Pune hospital. He’s admitted there for 45 days, and a day hospital team called me to pick him up.They have done some special treatment. I was delighted after seeing Raju as his leg got improved. I left at the same place where I picked him due to the hip dislocation, even though it got cured to some extent, but not recovered completely. As the days were passing, our bond further strengthened with love. He came to know about my house.He always used to wait opposite my society gate for me.

I have seen instances where guards used to chase him. Later I educated them not to do anything to him. They have pressure and order from higher officials in the community they used to pursue in my absence. He still struggled to run like before as he went through significant injury on his hip and hind legs. The whole situation made me feel sad, even though I used to stay alone in my apartment. So I decided to keep at my place till he settles down.

The Adoption Of Raju

I tried for a few days, kept him inside my house, and went to the office. He used to feel dull and used to shout all day until I came home. It took some fair amount of time to make him understand and habituate to the situation. In that few months, I realized Raju couldn’t survive by himself. So I decided to adopt him, as I felt alone in my apartment; after Raju’s presence, things changed a lot. I always felt like someone was around, as he always used to engage me with his innocent looks.

The story of Raju inspired me a lot. After Raju entered my life, my perception of life and my community’s responsibilities changed quickly. I’ve experienced the real-happiness and peace within that I lacked from my childhood. I realized the beauty of these animals through Raju. We used to sleep, eat, play together.

My Perception Of Animals

After Raju’s presence in life, my perception of animals changed a lot. They are good raju pet dog awbp trustteachers who teach us about showing unconditional love in life. That’s the moment I decided to see all creatures equally on this planet. The difference between humans and animals is that humans are two-legged, possess free will to make decisions, discretion between right and wrong. The animals are four-legged species that have a keen sense of smell, highly developed sense organs. The critical difference is that they show unconditional love towards us, which is rare amongst humans these days.

Raju was present in all ups and downs in my life. He never demanded me for anything. As he cannot communicate in human language, I ensured he got food and required help on time as he was a disabled kid. When I am busy with office work, Raju feels hungry and thirsty, but he never complains about it. Lately, I realized my mistake; a couple of instances made me ensure that I kept observing his actions, even though I was busy with my work.

In my 24 hours, I hardly gave 3 hours to him. The remaining time I engaged in building social impact projects and my office work. Raju became a part of the family. I always plan my things, keeping in mind he is also part of the family now. It could be my travel, outside visits, etc.; he is still in my mind as he is entirely dependent on me and my responsibility to care for this kid.

Our Travel to Vizag

raju pet dog awbp trust

The time had come for us to travel together to my native place (Vizag from Pune – 24 hours journey) for an extended period. I thought of taking Raju along with me. After pondering for a while, the only best option was travelling by train through the first AC. I booked a full four-seater for both of us. That was a wonderful experience, even though it was challenging for Raju to travel the whole day by train but tried my best to make his journey as comfortable as possible. When I reached home, none of my family was happy due to Raju’s presence with me.

As the family didn’t connect with the animals, that’s a shock and surprise to them, maintained a distance. They were not emotionally connected with the animals but kept their distance. This was the moment that was particularly challenging as none at home were ready to pay attention to him. I felt no other option; hence both of us got adjusted to each other and gave my best to him whatever was possible. This experience provided a picture of my family’s perception of me and my social projects. But this passion for serving the animals could never be stopped even by my family members.

Relocation To Hyderabad

As part of my career transition, I had to relocate from Pune to Hyderabad. The travel experience was a joyous ride for me. I have to thank all of my friends who came to the station to help me as I had two pet dogs, including Raju. Once we reached the railway station one hour before the journey, we completed the dog boarding formalities and then moved to our platform where we needed to board the train. This time again, I booked the first AC coupe and safely boarded the train.

Unfortunately, one of my close friends, who was to receive me at the Hyderabad station, cancelled his trip, I was left alone to deal with it. Suddenly, with no choice left, I called one of my colleagues and requested him to help me. He came to the station, and with a lot of effort, we shifted the entire luggage along with my pets from the platform to the cabs boarding place. Me, along with the pets, safely landed home. I cannot forget this wonderful trip in my life, along with the people who helped me in the process.

Raju – An Inspiration For Water Bowl Project

Raju is the one who inspired me to work on the water bowl project idea while I was thinking about other possible ideas that can create a positive impact in the community. After relocating to Hyderabad, several days after, I strongly felt this is the time when I have to initiate this project. On the momentous day of 14th April 2017, I successfully launched the AWBP Trust project. Raju’s unconditionally loving nature made me move forward with hope in life; else, this project could not be possible to establish without Raju’s kind presence in my life.

As days were passing, I saw Raju growing fast and maturing into a beautiful dog. From the day I saw him on the streets, he changed a lot. Raju always loved everyone unconditionally, whoever visits the home or goes outside. He loved to be with people, however, he spent most of the time with me. I couldn’t spend much of my time with him due to my constraints, hence always adjusted with me.

Raju’s  Health Challenges

Raju’s health issues started from his weight gain as he can’t walk for a long time due to the past accident. His obesity and leg issue introduced a new problem ‘Constipation’. I never thought this would be life-threatening for him one day. For many months, I have successfully treated constipation issues as per the veterinarian guidelines by giving the right medication. My personal struggle, social projects, six pet dogs, including Raju, feeding and rescuing other dogs outside, made me spend less attention on dogs at home.

The last three months were very hard for him and me too. He struggled, suffered due to the constipation issue. I have done what I can, but I have to accept the truth that my negligence made him suffer. The neglect was due to the financial problems in my life. But, honestly, I never felt that Raju was going through a challenging health issue inside his stomach till he breathed his last, as he was healthy every day.

I am sorry Raju as I could not be part of life to continue my journey with you. You are a lovely kid; you never complained to me even though I could not give you enough attention to attend to your health issue and the love you were eligible to receive. You taught me many life lessons; you have guided me and directed me to the right path.


You are the inspiration and sole purpose behind me for starting this AWBP project   and my future projects in this life. As long as I live, you will always stay in my heart with your memories and guide me along this uncharted path like a parent teaching his children while growing up.

A small tribute to you from AWBP Trust family and me – dedicating this page and a song to you and also my first book, which will launch in 2021.”


Credits: Content Writer: Harish Edamadaka | Reviewer : Akshata 



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