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The AWBP INDIA project is founded by Lakshman Molleti. He is an Ideator and social entrepreneur and his area of interest is ‘animal welfare/ rights and environment’. He was certified in ‘social entrepreneurship and NGO management’ from the Center for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM), Hyderabad. Before moving into social space completely, he worked for national and multinational IT companies as a software engineer for 10 years.

Lakshman likes making short films to create awareness, supporting (feeding/ medication) stray animals at his place and educating people about animal welfare and driving new ideas that help animal welfare/ rights and environment. When he is not busy with work or service, Lakshman enjoys playing the flute, singing, dancing, composing music (his youtube channel here ‘animals and nature’) and photography.
He is a vegan by choice. He loves animals and the cause of their welfare is very close to his heart as it has a very positive impact on the planet. He always believes “this world will be more balanced if every human on this planet lives a simple lifestyle and loves and supports all the animals equally”.
This is the primary motive behind the creation of this project. It has been close to three years that he had this idea in his mind; an idea which would create a better impact on animal welfare and also fill the gap between Humans and Animals.
Quote by Lakshman
“When you like to build good communities in society, your first step should start with animal welfare and rights”
Other Projects Of Lakshman
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