Difference between humans and animals 

In this universe, human beings represent the highest species in the evolutionary process due to the presence of a free will, the discretion of power that is embedded as part of our nature. With free will and reasoning capability, humans can use the power of their choices either in positive actions that benefit everyone or negative actions that bring the destruction of society as a whole.   

Humans have got rights on this planet regarding their existence. Humans have senses through which they can see, feel, hear, touch speak, and act. They can communicate well through the power of their language. This free will gives us the freedom of choice that we can exercise for our survival and sustenance on this planet. As part of being human, we enjoy various benefits including medical benefits when we are sick and injured. 

be that responsible human awbp trustAnimals have equal rights to live on this planet for their dasein. They have a sense for their survival, sustenance, and protection. Animals can speak the language to convey their emotions similarly compared to humans. For instance, a dog conveys by barking, bird conveys by chirping. These are the various ways they communicate. Animals are driven by their basic instincts that determine their behavior for their existence. Animals behave responsibly and have their own life to live. In comparison to humans, animals do not have good medical facilities for their treatment when they are sick, injured, hence many animals lose their lives every day.

Human Ignorance 

Ignorance is the process of a lack of awareness about the information and facts about any field. This ignorance has enabled them to exploit the natural resources without concern for their limited availability, causing damage to nature, as well as the environment in the form of the climate crisis, and other forms of pollution caused due to globalization.  

Human Ignorance of Humans 

Humans are ignorant of our fellow human beings who lack the necessities of food, shelter, and medical facilities. Due to such acts, people have died from a lack of access to them. This enabled them to turn to robbery and other unethical means for their daily survival. We have left the orphaned children and adults to their fate rather than taking responsibility for them and joining them to the organizations that are involved in rehabilitating such people abandoned by society.  

Human Ignorance of Animals 

Humans from their ignorance are behaving in ways that are detrimental to the existence of animals. For instance, a few years ago in the early mornings, we used to listen to the chirpy sounds of sparrows that were abundant in our surroundings, however, large numbers of sparrows have died and has become extinct due to the radiation from the mobile phone towers that were established across the country for mobile connectivity. 

Atrocities Causing Human Conflicts 

Today humans are committing atrocities towards the animals in numerous ways, these include the elimination of animal habitats in the name of development, animal agriculture, restriction of animal freedom in the name of caging, and other means.  

Due to the cruel act, human conflicts are emerging with animals. These are directly and indirectly committed by humans towards the animals, as a result, we see the animals chasing humans, bikes, cars as these beings are traumatized by such acts of human beings and thus behave in such ways towards us.  

Incident#1: In one incident three children who were pig catchers allegedly drowned an innocent dog for barking, although barking is a sign of communication for dogs that indicate their location, and when they are threatened.  

Incident#2: An individual had laid out pineapple inserted with explosive material for thwarting off animals however, that was consumed by a pregnant elephant, which led to its suffering and death. 

Incident#3: In another incident, the adults tied up a monkey and killed it by hanging upside down when that innocent being came to satisfy its thirst by drinking water. 

We need to respect and obey animal acts 

As human beings have laws for the protection of human rights, so are the animal laws that exist for the protection and preservation of these innocent beings. These laws were created to ensure human beings respect the animals and their rights to live with us peacefully and safely thereby building better harmony around.  

Article 51A(g) clearly states that it is the fundamental duty of citizens of India to have compassion for all living creatures. The Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections 11, 428 & 429 states that injuring and killing stray animals is punishable. Section 11 states that you cannot abandon any animal for whatever reason. Cannot neglect any animal by not providing food, water, shelter, keeping them chained or in confinement for long hours is punishable. Section 503 states that the intimidation of individuals who feed stray animals is a crime. 

There are several countries in the world such as Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Hong Kong where the animal laws are implemented strictly for the benefit of the animals. Every human needs to respect animal laws for the benefit of mankind and the planet. 

Responsible Human Being 

We as human beings are endowed with the positive qualities primarily in the form of love and compassion. When we take concrete responsible actions in the form of feeding stray animals with food, water, provide shelter in our communities, get them medical treatment when necessary we would have shown our compassion towards these beings.  

We can feed the stray dogs, this creates trust among them when we do this, they’ll show unconditional love by being friendly with us. We can vaccinate, sterilize them, provide a safe shelter for them in our community. We can feed various birds and provide them safe shelter by planting trees in our neighborhood where they can lay their eggs, thereby serving their population growth.

We can save the old cows and buffaloes by providing them with food and shelter so that they can live a peaceful existence until the end of their lives. If we do this we would demonstrate our compassion towards the animals thereby saving their innocent lives.


If we can contribute to saving their precious lives and enable us to transform ourselves into compassionate human beings, when each one of us becomes compassionate it would build good communities, thereby creating a compassionate society. This would enable us to derive immense happiness and coexist with animals and the environment peacefully.

Credits:: Ratnam Athota (artist), Lakshman Molleti (concept), Harish Edamadaka (content writer), Akshata Jitender (proofreader)

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