“Founder/ core team member of this project”

  1. AWBP Trust always tries to present the right content wherever they are associated and also respects privacy and copyright.
  2. AWBP Trust has every right to accept or reject any volunteer or any content received via email or website or other social media pages.
  3. AWBP Trust is not associated with any organization in INDIA or outside, if anyone claims they are associated with us then it is your job to ask for verification mail from or call and verify on +91 79939 12345 or submit the details through the contact form.
  4. AWBP Trust is not responsible for any damages created by a volunteer or other associated teams like NGO’s, organizations etc.
  5. AWBP Trust is not responsible for any content presented in this website or any other places. It’ is your job to make the right decision.

A volunteer participates in AWBP activities like awareness events, photography, content writing, painting, etc.

  1. You have to give at least 4 hrs per week.
  2. As a volunteer, if you have developed any content (art, article writing, application development etc,) for this project, then you agree to give complete ownership to the founder of this project. And, also you are not supposed to publish this work anywhere.
  3. Volunteers need to maintain every information confidential with respect to the project.
  4. One can be a volunteer of AWBP Trust only by receiving an acceptance email from
  5. AWBP has every right to terminate the volunteer without any prior notice and the same will be sent an email. A reason for termination may or may not be provided.
  6. Volunteers must be disciplined in all the activities they are involved in.
  7. Volunteers must avoid conflict between their personal activities and AWBP Trust project.
  8. Any outside activities with respect to AWBP Trust must get an approval from the AWBP INDIA body. Submit the details in an email by filling the contact form.
  9. The volunteer has the right to share ideas and inputs but AWBP Trust will make the final decision after reviewing them.
  10. The volunteer cannot misguide anyone by giving wrong information which is not approved by AWBP INDIA. Such instances are seriously considered and volunteers might be terminated without any further intimation.
  11. The volunteer should share all the posts of AWBP Trust from AWBP Trust page or community group only but not encouraged to create new posts of their own anywhere outside our channels without any permissions. If published on other social media channels where AWBP Trust not existed but however can leave the AWBP Trust website as a signature in such posts.
  12. It is a volunteer responsibility to take care while participating in any of the events of AWBP Trust. AWBP Trust is not responsible for any of the unexpected incidents which create damages physically or virtually to the volunteer.

An installer takes the water bowl from AWBP Trust and installs them at different places to provide safe drinking water to stray animals.

  1. Installers are responsible for monitoring, filling drinking water and cleaning the bowls regularly.
  2. Installers must use the water bowls provided by AWBP Trust only for the stray animals. Using it for any other purpose will lead to charging the installer the water bowl amount and also not entertaining him/her in future activities of the project.
  3. Installers are requested to collect only the number of water bowls he/she can keep water bowls 24 hrs around the year, monitor, fill and clean and also share pictures, videos with us regularly.
  4. If any of the bowls are stolen, broken or damaged, the installer needs to inform  AWBP INDIA immediately via a contact form or phone (Call the lead volunteer or +91 79939 12345). We will assist on the issue.


Is the one who are animal lovers encourage AWBP Trust to keep some of the water bowl units at their places.

  1. Access Pointers must follow the guidelines of AWBP Trust.
  2. Whenever someone reached for water bowls, please ensure to educate about AWBP Trust vision and 5 rules approach which we ask installers to follow. If you are not aware of 5 rules approach please reach AWBP Trust or Click Here and get yourself updated.
  3. Always give one water bowl per person unless you receive any recommendations from AWBP Trust in a mail or on phone.
  4. Please collect all the complete details from the installer before giving water bowl.
  5. Always update the installer excel file shared by AWBP Trust with you on time.

[ Updated on 8th Feb’18 ]

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