Humans living with nature

For a few decades in the past, humans lived and thrived peacefully in the lap of nature enjoying their outing with the beautiful nature surrounded by animals in their environment. 

Before the dawn of industrialization and the information age, humans used to wake early in the morning, take their tools for doing agriculture, pack their tiffin and lunch box with food to eat, during their rest periods. They traveled a few kilometers along with their animals from their homes and villages to reach their agricultural fields.

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In those times, due to the absence of machines, humans developed a deep and compassionate bond with their animals. They used their domesticated animals to carry out their tasks of plowing, tilling of the land for farming purposes. Since there were huge green spaces, animals grazed on the shrubs and grasses of the open land and forests.

When the animals got sick, injured, humans personally took care of them by giving them first-aid in the form of local herbs based on their indigenous wisdom of forests that they sourced from. They also took them to the nearby veterinary clinics when the conditions were beyond their capability.

In the evening when their farming tasks were finished for the day, they provided them safe shelter in their large houses which were specifically built to accommodate them. Due to the absence of pollution, humans, and animals were living in the natural surroundings of lush green spaces with fresh air to breathe, healthy food to eat and clean drinking water. This enabled them to live long without any sickness. Therefore the humans were truly the animal caretakers.

Lost Touch With Animals

Due to the process of industrialization and the emergence of the information age, we humans have lost touch, got disconnected from animals and nature. Due to the establishment of industries and technology-enabled companies we have migrated from the rural towns, villages in search of jobs to cities, thereby ignoring the rustic outlook and the beauty of our past native villages.

Due to the migration to the cities, we have eliminated the natural habitats and environments that were vital to the living of humans and animals. We have replaced these natural environments with individual houses, colonies, apartment complexes, manufacturing industries, and technology-enabled companies. Due to this majority of the green spaces and forests have been reduced, eliminated, used up the groundwater resources with no consideration of how to renew them, the build-up of industries and companies have polluted the groundwater resources as well as damaged the ecosystems of the environment that lead to the multiple problems for the humans and animals that were part of this.

In the name of urbanization, to fulfill our basic human needs we have destroyed the habitats and the living spaces of the animals. Due to this drastic change, the animals have lost their green spaces and forests that were used for fulfilling their food and shelter needs. This forced the animals to migrate to the urban colonies, cities in search of their basic needs. When they came into the human surroundings, we being ignorant of the animals’ needs have thwarted them, forcefully throwing them out of our surroundings by not allowing them to stay nearby or within our premises, as well as brutally killing them through inhuman ways.

Due to our ignorance, we avoided ourselves, our children from feeding animals in the name of irrational fears and phobias. Large numbers of animals have died due to the lack of food, water, and shelter. Due to the increase in the economic standard of living, we have developed a materialistic mindset that led to the accumulation and hoarding of wealth, properties, and other daily use items beyond our necessity. In the name of manufacturing food, medicines, leather and other items from the animals, we have killed these innocent beings by rearing them through animal farming.

As human beings are the highest form of species on the planet, the lack of ignorance from us is not good for society and the environment. If humans share their space and love only with fellow humans, but not animals, it makes us imbalanced. This leads to a lack of compassion for animals. 

Society is slowly changing due to the influence of globalization, we are seeing the emergence of individuals who are sensitive, compassionate to animals. These are the “Animal Caretakers” who are fulfilling their responsibility by feeding them food and water, sheltering them, giving them first-aid when they are injured, admitting them to the nearby animal clinics and hospitals when they cannot be handled by them in their location consistently.

Support Street Animal Caretakers

Today street animal caretakers are contributing immensely to the animals’ cause, by fulfilling their social responsibility towards them. Such a positive mindset is making them successful role models for society and inspiring others to take up this cause selflessly.

Although contributing to the animal’s cause selflessly, the animal caretakers are neither valued nor recognized for their selfless efforts. It’s a surprise that such compassionate individuals are not accepted by the society and constantly criticized for their service by the society who are ignorant of the needs and rights of animals to live along with humans on this planet. As responsible citizens of this planet, we need to support the animal caretakers who have taken the responsibility of fulfilling the food, shelter, medical needs of the innocent animals. When the animals’ needs are equally taken care of in the society by such individuals we will be able to build positive relationships and positive communities that contribute to a healthy society.

The individuals who are distanced from animals for various reasons can support the work of animal caretakers by donations in the form of money, food and other means that makes the lives of animals easier. 

Animal caretakers lack resources to contribute to the animal’s needs, therefore individuals can come forward to donate consistently so that animal caretakers can fulfill the needs of animals safely and efficiently without the constraint of resources. Rather than criticizing these caretakers, it’s good for every one of us as it gives meaning and happiness to our lives for our contribution to such a noble cause.

Selfless Service To Animal Cause

Street Animal caretakers are the backbone of our society as they support the animals’ cause without any expectations, thereby contributing to the development of compassionate individuals which makes us better human beings, and leads to the formation of positive communities in the long run. Each one of us needs to respect, admire and support them wholeheartedly for their selfless service to the animals’ cause.

We need to learn, motivate, take inspiration from them. Such positive actions create a positive effect on ourselves, inspire us to take up this activity leading to the increase of animal caretakers in the society that leads to successfully serving the animals. Let us begin now to connect with the animals at your place, by supporting the animal caretakers continuously.

Concept: Lakshman Molleti / Artist: Shweta Sharma / Content Writer: Harish Edamadaka

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