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Responsibility of a Pet Parent

Responsibility of a Pet Parent

Being pet parents comes with a lot of responsibility towards the animals and how to behave with them. Thus our behaviour with the animals reflects on our personality. The necessity for being a pet parent Humans are biologically wired to love and connect. This connection exists between humans and extends to animals since they are […]

Importance Of Water In Animals Life

kid giving water

Credits: Tejaswinee Roychowdhury (Content Writer) Lakshman Molleti (Content Reviewer) Water is vital for all living creatures on this planet, particularly an animal. The vital functions of an animal’s body such as regulation of temperature and prevention of overheating the body, regulation of pH levels so as to prevent unhealthy and unwanted chemical reaction in the […]

Celebrations Without Fireworks

celebrations without fireworks

Credits : Sheetal Parmar​ ,Vasudev Murthy​, Shama Char, Lakshman Molleti​ ************************************************************************** Awareness content* :  You can use this content for education purpose only ************************************************************************** Fireworks are one of the dangerous threat to this planet as it releases dangerous chemicals and pollutes into air and water and also produces unacceptable sound. Due to this not only […]

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