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The impact of various social ventures is visible in many aspects of life around the world – but what ensures the progress of these startups? Funding.

Seed money, or seed capital, is the capital for a startup program/social projects. It gets its name from the idea that early stage financing plants the seed that enables a small project to grow. Obtaining funding is one of the most critical aspects of starting any social project. A social venture without a funding source will flounder under the weight of its own debt. The quality of service or impact a social project can create is dependent on its financial situation. Seed money support projects in their early stage of development, where a small amount of money goes a very long way in kick-starting the projects for a better world.

The Pollination Project (TPP), CA, USA is a global funding firm that provides small startup grants to individual change makers and projects that promote compassion around the world. The Pollination Project values “compassion consciousness” and seeks to unleash the goodness in every person. It supports individuals who are ready to launch a new social change effort and need some seed capital to get started. Applications are encouraged from people who can lead projects that will grow and change the world. Funding is provided for the infrastructure, outreach and other tangible things for the startup projects. Through a daily practice of generosity and giving, they make seed grants- 365 days a year- to social change agents who seek to spread compassion in their communities and in the world for the benefit of all.

THE POLLINATION PROJECT recognized AWBP INDIAIt gives us immense pleasure in sharing this news with all our supporters and well-wishers that “AWBP INDIA” is now recognized and rewarded by The Pollination Project (TPP). It took around 4 months to complete the entire process. The journey started with submitting the application and project reports as they have their dedicated process for providing funds at the very grassroots.

AWBP INDIA team would like to thank The Pollination Project team for creating such a wonderful funding organization and rewarding AWBP INDIA with seed grant and Darshana Muzumdar (Country Coordinator for GAAP at The Pollination Project) for her support during submission of our application to TPP team. It helps social startups to thrive in the community. This financial support will help in uplifting animal welfare and rights through our organization. Your support is highly appreciated.

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