Credits :
Sheetal Parmar (Artist)/ Monica Rayudu (Story Writer)/Lakshman (Story Teller)/ Shama Char (Story Reviewer)
Voice Over – Monica Kamble (Marathi) / Saini Mitra (Bengali / Hindi) / Neeraja Chitla (Telugu)

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Web Story :

There was a small town with all basic amenities like water, electricity, shops, schools and clinics. There were many people living in that town. One such family had a father, mother and a little boy named Bunty. Bunty was a fun-loving kid who liked nature. He would read books about nature in his free time.

family scene1

Like in any other town, there were a group of stray animals like dogs, cats and birds too. Bunty named one of the dogs as Chinku, and used to play with Chinku and his friends. One evening, Chinku group gathered at a place, but it was not to play. They had some serious issues to discuss. They were not able to find safe drinking water at any place in the whole town.They were feeling thirsty and exhausted. They were discussing if there was something they could do about this problem.

animals scene 2

Meanwhile, Chinku and his friends saw Bunty and his father. Chinku asked the father, “Sir, we are very thirsty. Please provide us some water.” The father, very carelessly replied, “ Look at that drain! There is so much water. Drink that!” Chinku exclaimed, “Sir, that is dirty water. It is not fit for drinking.”

animals scene3

Then, the father looked around and saw one pot with accumulated rain water. He pointed towards the pot and said, “This should be good for you.” This time, Chinku was very much disappointed and said, “We too are living creatures. We too need safe drinking water. That water is contaminated. We cannot drink that.”

animals and family scene4

Bunty who heard this conversation felt bad for the animals’ helplessness. He wanted to help them. So, he quickly went into his home and started searching, if he could find anything that could be used to serve water. Then he went to the kitchen and found a big unused  bowl. He quickly picked it and cleaned it with soap and water.

animals and family scene 5

Bunty filled the bowl with drinking water and started walking out. Bunty’s mother saw his son and was curious to know why and where his son was taking this bowl of water. So, she followed him. But, Bunty’s father did not like his initiative and looked at him angrily.

animals and water bowls scene5

Then, Bunty looked around and placed the bowl on the ground. Chinku and his friends were overjoyed with Bunty’s act and rushed towards the bowl. They started drinking the water and quenched their thirst. Seeing the animals happy, Bunty was pleased. Bunty’s mother appreciated him and the father felt ashamed for his behavior and realized his mistake.

water bowl for animals scene 6

Chinku and his friends thanked Bunty for providing water. Bunty said to them, “From today on wards, I will daily fill this bowl with drinking water and regularly clean it. Please come and drink whenever you are thirsty.” Bunty’s parents were happy with their Bunty’s initiative, so were Chinku and his friends.

happy animals and families scene 9

Moral: Remember! Animals are also a part of our society, and to provide them with safe drinking water is part of our responsibility! So please be responsible and encourage others to do the same.

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