Credits: Nirmayee Rode (Artist)/ Lakshman  Molleti (Story)/ Monica Rayudu, Shama Char (Content Writer), Debayan Rakshit (Musician)

Voice Over : Saini Mitra (Bengali, Hindi) / Monica Vivek (English) / Neerja Chitla (Telugu) / Latha Raman (Tamil) / Maggy (Italy, German)

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Bunty and Chinku’s friendship grew stronger by the day. By the time Bunty came back from his school, Chinku would be waiting to play with him. Bunty used to feed him with snacks and food. Later, Chinku started accompanying Bunty as he walked from his home to his school and back home. They would talk and play throughout the commute.

street animal caretaker scene1

One day, on the way to the school, Bunty saw a wounded small cat, lying on the road. He felt bad for it. Chinku and he immediately ran towards the cat. The cat was hurt on his leg and seemed too frightened. Bunty tried to pacify it, but, in vain. So, Bunty took out food from his bag and offered it to the cat. The cat slowly moved towards his hands and licked them in pain. It seemed as if the cat started trusting Bunty. Bunty then took out his water bottle and cleaned the cat’s wound. As Bunty was already late, he quickly left for the school.

street animal caretaker scene2

After Bunty reached home that day, he told his parents about how helpless and wounded the cat was and how he had helped it. His parents appreciated him for the good work and noticed that Bunty was still not happy. Upon enquiring the reason for Bunty’s sadness, he told them, “I was able to help one animal out of the many animals that are hungry and suffering from ill health. There are so many such stray animals that need care and food.” Bunty’s parents were delighted to understand their son’s empathy towards such creatures.

street animal caretaker scene3

The father said to him, “We are glad that you want to help these animals. You can become a caretaker of these and carry some food and feed few animals on your way to school.” The mother further added, “Yes, I can give you extra food from tomorrow onwards. You can feed them to the stray animals near your school.” On hearing this, Bunty felt happy and thanked his parents for their timely support.

street animal caretaker scene4

The next day, Bunty saw the same cat he had helped, the day before. It looked less frightened and ran towards Bunty as soon as it saw him. Bunty too ran towards it. He first gave the cat some food and it started eating. Then, Bunty took out the first aid kit. He gently cleaned the wound and applied an antiseptic powder. Suddenly, a street dog too came forward and stood there. Bunty called the dog and fed it too. Later, Bunty left for his school, feeling very happy that he was able to feed a few street animals that day.

street animal caretaker scene5

Bunty was happy about the events of the day, only to realize that it’s just a starting point, because there are many more animals that need food and help. He realized that  he alone could not feed all the animals. He told his best friends about what he encountered yesterday and his plans to help these stray animals. Bunty’s friends too were interested in helping the animals and told that they will discuss the same with their parents.

street animal caretaker scene6

The events of feeding the stray animals continued thereon, but Bunty’s neighbors did not quite approve of his actions. The people in his locality would constantly taunt and warn Bunty  against feeding these helpless animals.

street animal caretaker scene7

Meanwhile, Bunty’s friends convinced their parents to give them extra food, so as to feed the strays. Bunty and four of his friends started bringing extra food and snacks and started feeding the animals on their way to the school, regularly, inspiring many others also to feed such animals with fresh food and clean water. This ensured that the street animals became very friendly with the people, helping the locals to get them vaccinated and neutered, with the help of a Veterinary Surgeon in the local animal dispensary.

street animal caretaker scene8

One day, a group of individuals went to Bunty’s parents to complain regarding their son’s initiative of feeding stray animals. As Bunty’s parents were educated, the neighbors had good respect towards them. Bunty’s father listened to them patiently and later explained them the advantages of being street animal caretakers.  He further explained how they all together, could help the government and local municipal bodies in their Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies programs.

street animal caretaker scene9

The neighbors were quite convinced and also felt ashamed of their immature behavior towards Bunty. As a result, everybody in the town was back to the yesteryears era, where animals were respected by all people in that village! Chinku was the happiest dog in the pack and was grateful to his friend Bunty and his parents, for these welfare initiatives which lead to such a congenial environment among the humans and animals, throughout the city.

street animal caretaker scene10


Indifferent attitude of the society to any creature on this planet, is not a good sign, as, this has a negative impact rather than a positive one. Let us all pledge to be a part of  the street animal caretakers concept and implement it every day, at our places to support the stray animals.


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