AWBP INDIA first collaboration with a private school UNICENT, Kompally, Hyderabad. A school that strongly believes in animal welfare and rights.

We are grateful to the UNICENT Principal (Mrs. C V Rama Devi), Primary Academic Coordinator (Mrs. Karunasree) for giving us an opportunity to visit their school. We understood the interest of UNICENT management team and also shared AWBP INDIA vision. This made both the sides to agree and travel towards animal welfare journey. And to start our journey, we have officially chosen UNICENT, kompally school as an access point for us moving forward.

awbp trust distributed bamboo bird feeder to unicent students









In the process, we interacted with the 5th grade students who are already doing wonderful job towards bird welfare as part of the school curriculum. They are making bird feeders using the waste plastic material, collecting food for birds from the UNICENT students on daily bases, Educating local people and installing the feeders. We’re surprised and happy by the enthusiasm of the management and students for taking initiative and imparting environmental education through hands-on activities for protecting the animals within the school premises.

awbp trust water bowls distribution












AWBP INDIA handed over a few bamboo bird feeders which are sponsored by ANIMAL MARK. These bowls will be installed within UNICENT school premises.

View the complete event pictures here: Click Here

UNINCENT school website: Click Here

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