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As per of our educational activities initiative, since the beginning of the project, we have been using a creative medium in the form of videos, short films, artwork, music to spread our message across the globe as we believe that using such medium enables our message to reach a wider audience and help to connect with people emotionally. We have personally experienced this and continue to feel the positive impact on the individuals and society as a whole.

awbp trust -humans video song launch AWBP Trust to contribute to the street animal’s welfare and connect the humans with animals is launching an exclusively first video song for the animals by the celebrities who have personally adopted a vegan lifestyle, actively promoting it, committing positively to the health of the planet as part of their life. 

Through this initiative, we hope to positively inspire, engage the individuals, societies to lend your active hand in this social cause to do our bit for the animals, thereby creating a compassionate society that would make this planet a good place for every one of us to live in harmony with each other. 

Lyrics meaning:

There are many humans in this world But very few love and support us. Whatever be the location on this planet, we are still facing problems.

Humans  abuse us , Humans blame us, Humans  ignore us, Humans kill us

The clay soil on the road is dear to our life, that keeps us cool during summer, other seasons it provides warmth to us. The soil on the road is a good place to play for us. In the name of construction, the mud roads are converted into the cement road by humans.

The beautiful water ponds are our life that exists for us to consume and bath. But in the name of development, all the water bodies have been vanished by the humans.

The green trees are our life, where we can use it for the shade, use for shelter, take our food under them. In the name of new projects, all the trees are cut down by humans.

Our families are our life. We love our children, play with them, feed them. Due to the challenges in the society created by humans, are killing us in the form of road accidents, abuse, animal exploitation, and food poison.


Release on: 15th August’20

Releasing by: Arvind Krishna (Vegan Athlete, Indian Actor) / Sadaa (Vegan, Indian Actor)

Lyricist – Lakshman Molleti Flutist – Gokulakrishnan Violinist – Subhashree Sankar

Singers – Chaitrika, Hima Bindu, Tejaswini Velpuri Language

Translators – Lalitha Raman, Kundan Rapeti, Harish Edamadaka

Sound Design – Conch Music House, Image-Line

Supported- Sharath Kodaganur, Rajani Gosala

In collaboration AWBP Trust | ANIMAL MARK | ECO CONZ


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