Content Writer : Apurva Sachan

Event on : 29th Oct’17, Sponsored by : Insol Applications, Location : Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Water is the elixir of life and like every other living being on this earth, stray animals should also get clean water to drink. It is disheartening to find these animals drinking from the stinking stagnant water (tunnels).As these animals have no home of their own, no one to look after, we as a group of people have sought to help these animals have a better living. An initiative was taken during this process to involve volunteers to paint clay bowls. These clay bowls would then be place at accessible locations around the city for the stray animals with the help of animal lovers.

The participation was overwhelming. It was enthralling to look at the people splashing colors on the bowls with such enthusiasm. Kids loved the frolic social cause and parents on the second hand had added to value

in their kid’s upbringing which will help no only their future but all our futures. It really is an amazing feeling to see all together come up and have fun and support a great cause.

This event was followed by a seminar taken by Dr. Rajani and her friend, bird conservationists. The seminar was a very interactive session. They talked about the importance of birds and how they keep the biosphere intact and going. They enlightened the audience with the need to conserve birds and support an environment conducive for them to prosper. They showed pictures of the various birds and how to identify their calls and locate their nests. They insisted on befriending these adorable little creatures and bring them closer so that fear of each other is removed from both the ends.

After the session we had our own AWBP poster launch in collaboration with INSOL Applications. Also, we had Tablet launch where we premiered our pilot episode of “Bunty And Chinku” series which has all the beautiful stories about helping and loving animals and some insight on general care of stray animals. This series available on our youtube channel. Towards, the end of the event we distributed the painted water bowls and the bird cages for free to the happy volunteers who joined us on the event.

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