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Location: Raghavendra Colony, Kondapur, Rangareddy, Telangana
Distributed: 14 Water Bowls
Installed: 14 Water Bowls

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. -Albert Einstein

Raghavendra Colony containing 500 households in Kondapur, is a testament of change when they in collaboration with AWBP India had installed 14 Water Bowls within the colony premises and vouched to protect the lives of animals like cows, dogs, birds etc., that surround us in our daily lives by their contribution to maintain safe drinking water in the water bowls.

AWBP India has taken the initiative to motivate housing communities to do their duty unto Mother Nature and as part of their initiative has interacted with the Association of Raghavendra Colony lead by their president and other association members. AWBP India has elaborated the idea and importance of Animals Water Bowl Project and its impact on their community and received the gratuitous response from them.

Along with the compassionate colony residents who were inspired by the initiative of

water bowl distribution

water bowl distribution

AWBP India and its volunteers, AWBP India has placed the water bowls strategically to be maintained responsibly throughout the colony. Association president not only was supportive of placing of Water bowls but had also agreed to aid AWBP India wholly by acting as an Access Point for Awbp India, we couldn’t be more content with their overwhelming response.

AWBP India salutes Raghavendra Colony, Kondapur for their kindness and humane spirit towards other creations of nature, their hospitality, and progressive thinking is worthy of appreciation and shall stand as an inspiration to our future endeavors.AWBP India calls all the citizens of the country to fulfill their duty unto mother nature and ensure its wellbeing.

AWBP India’s future initiatives include educating the younger generations to come of the importance and the rising need for compassion towards animals and the extensive role they are required to play in the time to come to protect and preserve the balance and wellbeing of an animal kind as a whole.

AWBP India will be more than honored to be part of similar programmes to be conducted in your colonies, societies, schools, colleges or hear about compassion that you want us to be a part of and experience, contact us at Click Here

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