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About Ahimsa Festival

The Ahimsa Festival is an annual festival that aims at spreading the fragrance of peace and love through simple lifestyle choices. With compassion and Kindness to all living beings as its main objective, the festival has been drawing many organizations and prominent individuals in this arena, into its fold.


Truly said, “Ahimsa Paramo Dharamah”, meaning, there is no religion bigger than Ahimsa or Non-violence. A group of good Samaritans came together to propel this philosophy among the likeminded group and voice their concern for the growing cruelty and atrocities on the animals in specific and the environment in general. With Animal welfare and environmental protection as their main objective, they set out to start this noble cause of enthusing individuals across the nation and the world as such, to become Ahimsa sadhaks in their daily lives. Started in 2015, the Ahimsa Festival has being gaining momentum nationwide and has been appreciated and accepted by all people from all walks of life.


Most of the well known names in animal welfare and environmental protection like the Ahimsa parmo dharma, PETA, SHARAN, FIAPO, MINISTRY OF MEW along with famous Vegan brands like the Vegan Planet, The Integral Space, Bird Song Café, Pantry, Rare earth and the like, have come together for sponsoring and associating with this one of its kind festival this year, being hosted in Khar Education Society in Khar West, Mumbai. The festival is ongoing since 26th October and is scheduled to be held till 12th of November 2017.


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AWBP INDIA Participation

Animals Water Bowl Project (AWBP) India that aims at providing safe drinking Water to stray animals round the clock by distributing water bowls to interested animal lovers and also connect humans with animals by conducting awareness programs. We are glad and thankful to AHIMSA FESTIVAL team for giving us an opportunity to create some impact  through this project in this mega event during 2017.  Our footprints currently presented in cities like Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai and have future plans to make its foray into all the other cities throughout India.

awbp trust volunteers from mumbai

Animal Water Bowl Project India, that shares these common interests as that of AHIMSA Festival, has taken a step ahead and has made its maiden presence in this festival in Mumbai through its local volunteers, based in Mumbai. Few of the Mumbaikars  namely Nimesh, Poonam, Siddesh, Nikita, Rohan and Shruti have successfully participated in this festival and spread an awareness of the need of water in the daily lives of the stray animals. AWBP India thanks and congratulates these volunteers heart fully for their untiring efforts in raising awareness and promoting our concept in this big platform and also coming forward to represent AWBP INDIA. Hope these efforts will definitely go a long way and continue our presence in Mumbai.

AWBP India invites your ideas and participation as volunteers (click here) to help us take this noble initiative forward. We are planning to operate pan India and are looking for individuals with the desire for promoting this pious cause. Reach us  (click here) and share your ideas to help spread awareness and make safe and clean drinking water accessible to all stray animals, throughout India. For further details, please refer to the below links and contact links.

All the event pictures can be seen here (click here).

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