Event Date : 17th Dec’17
Volunteers : Ravali, Lakshman, Apurva, Raghu
Content Writer : Srilekha
Location : Sainikpuri, Medchal, Telangana

MaSanta – The Flea Market is one of the examples of evolving youth of India who understand and act upon the need for sustainability and innovation.MaSanta – The Flea Market provides a platform for all those entrepreneurs who are involved in encouraging and promoting social awar

AWBP INDIA MaSanta The Flea Market

AWBP INDIA MaSanta The Flea Market

eness,culture,handicrafts,sustainable home gardening,organic lifestyle,animal adoption and those with abundant love for plants and animals to interact , transact and build collaborative culture.Opportunities such as MaSanta – The Flea Market deserve to be appreciated as they stand for the need of society to collaborate , innovate and create opportunities for those in need.

Amongst the fortunate to participate in MaSanta – The Flea Market was Animal Water bowl Project India ( AWBP India ) and our experience has been very heartwarming as the various people we had interacted with throughout the day had a welcoming response to the idea of providing water to every stray animal throughout the year and other projects of AWBP India. AWBP India stall represented by 4 of our volunteers received good response with some people signed up as Volunteers for our project themselves there was so much to gain from our experience at the event from the 12:30 pm when we join the event till the very end.Our volunteers had distributed 17 water bowls of 6 litre capacity to be placed and monitored in the area of Sainikpuri and explained the importance of providing safe drinking water and its impact on the lives of those animals. A single water bowl that you maintain can quench the thirst of countless strays and keep them from falling sick and eventually dying.Our environment can only be as safe as the beings living in it and hence we encourage you to participate in the wellbeing of all those animals that invariably impact our life without our knowledge.

AWBP  India also loves to hear any new and innovative ideas that you might come across to better help the causes we work on and help us be better at what we do . The members at AWBP India also explore various avenues to better serve our cause and are continuously working towards it and will ensure that we come up with simpler solutions to the problems that we face during our time together on this planet and would love to have all of you as company so please do provide safe drinking water to as many animals as possible in and around your surroundings and experience the contentment we get from providing better lives for all beings around us.

Event album pictures : Click Here

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