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Lamakaan Organic Bazaar, a composition of culture, business, enriched lifestyle and sustainable practices.In their own words Organic Bazaar is an initiative to encourage the small organic farmer and grass root entrepreneur to sell his produce directly in this market so the price benefit can be passed on directly to both the consumer and the producer.

Lamakaan’s Organic Bazaar was an experience that made AWBP India reinforce its commitment and remember why there is a need for Organisations that work for animal support and care. We were confronted with an issue that was raised by one of the visitors to our stall ” The animals in our colonies are a menace and is there a way to stop them ?” Our volunteers explained to them that ” Because of the poor quality of life and the lack of resources available to them, it becomes difficult for them to survive peacefully and hence have to fight for every little morsel they find, it is our responsibility as inhabitants of the same colony to provide them with the required resources to ensure harmony ,this is also one of the reasons why AWBP India was initially conceived.” However, our effort did not bring light to them and the idea that animals were experiencing scarcity of resources was hugely vague to some.In a world with endless divisions, the one that differentiates the humans with that of other creatures on this planet is amongst the grave questions haunting us at this very moment.The lack of compassion for beings that are so integral to our sustenance and ecosystem is simply astonishing and yet, AWBP India stays optimistic and believes that change is nothing but a combined effort of each of us together and respects all the stray animal supporters, caregivers and protectors who fight against odds and still continue to do their best.

AWBP India, one of the 20 stalls in the Organic Bazaar experienced around 200 visitors amongst whom was Mrs. Akkineni Naga Susheela who with her simplicity and love for animals filled new enthusiasm within us. AWBP India distributed 18 free water bowls to interested visitors, Co-participants of Organic Bazaar and the team at Lamakaan who were then explained their responsibility of maintaining the water bowls and its impact on the quality of life of animals.

AWBP India thanks Lamakaan for the platform they provide for Arts, literature, theatre, debate and dialogue, mediums of progress in society. AWBP India also thank their volunteers for maintaining professional conduct and allowing AWBP India to represent itself at various events, build better networks and aid in the success of AWBP India. AWBP India reiterates the need for efforts in improving the lives of stray animals and encourages everyone to be aware, protect and preserve their surroundings and take the required steps in that direction along with us. Thanks to All.

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