AWBP INDIA Challenge – Reduce the cost-cutting on Water Bowl Transportation

Animals Water Bowl Project India(AWBP INDIA) which supports the cause of animal welfare by distributing free water bowls to interested individuals and in continuous education programs is now collaborated with Pet Set & Go animal cab service company. Through this collaboration, Pet Set & Go takes care of transportation of the water bowls from one location to different locations within Hyderabad at nominal cost depending on the needs of AWBP INDIA. Now we are able to reduce the cost compared to our approach before collaboration.

awbp trust collaboration with pet set & go

About Pet Set & Go

Pet Set & Go is an organization dedicated exclusively to the travel needs of the pets and it’s owners. They have a fully dedicated cab and personnel that takes care of the travel needs of pet’s which includes transporting animals from one location to another, taking animals that are injured or sick to the hospitals or any other purpose safely, these services are available at an affordable cost as per the specific needs of the owners.


Mr.Somnath, Founder of Pet Set & Go says 

Pet Set & Go is an exclusive animal cab service that is available in Hyderabad, is the preferred choice for taking care of the transportation needs of the animals. You’ll enjoy the service and the value that you get from our service, as the Founder myself an animal lover dedicated to serving the animals cause and experienced to take care of the animal needs. We assure the utmost safety of the animals during transportation in our cab. Our service is available in Hyderabad & across other locations in INDIA. We offer this at an affordable price to the owners who have such needs.

We do offer services like short trips and relocation from Hyderabad to any part of INDIA and from any part of INDIA to Hyderabad. It’s our pleasure to collaborate with AWBP INDIA, who are doing a wonderful job with respect to animal welfare and rights. Please avail the discount on your first trip through AWBP INDIA – Discount coupon “AWBPINDIA10”.

Contact: PET SET & GO Team | +91 95023 16161 |

*AWBP INDIA shared the above details based on our personal experience. Whoever uses the services of PET SET & GO, please do your validations before you chose. AWBP INDIA is not responsible for anything.


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