Humans are society interdependent

We as human beings have evolved over the years from the microorganism amoeba stage, through the primitive animal form of apes and finally to the human form with the complete freedom of choice, capacity to reason, survive and thrive as human-beings on this planet. As we evolved, we have been interdependent on other human-beings in society for biological needs like food, shelter, clothing, reproduction and material wants in the form of designer clothes, electronic gadgets, various entertainment modes etc. to satisfy ourselves. 

For example, in order to travel from one place to another, we are dependent on drivers, to eat the food we are dependent on farmers, cooks, hoteliers, delivery boys and more. But in spite of getting multiple benefits from fellow humans in society, we are still self-centered in satisfying our personal material needs, rather than a token of gratitude and contribution to our society for a greater cause.

world is one family

Humans created problems

As the age of information began, due to the large-scale employment of individuals in various sectors that enabled technology, we are able to earn huge amounts of money, this has increased the economic standard of living, access to better healthcare and luxurious comforts of life. Due to this, we are concerned about our own needs, our blood-relatives, as well as material accumulation thereby increasing the material well-being. 

Due to the material well-being, today we humans have collectively created lot of problems on the planet “Earth” related to Human, Animal and Environment like poverty, air and water pollution, pandemic diseases, animal extinct, robbery etc. In the name of development, economy, tradition etc., every individual or group directly or indirectly responsible for today’s problems in society.Over the years, we have ignored to take the challenges facing by the community due to our individual material well-being.  We also have become ignorant beings to the suffering of animals by rearing them and killing them to satisfy our hunger needs, by not allowing animals to live among our environment, threaten and kill them. And also destroyed their habitat to fulfill our wants. Thus the value system of human-beings has declined majorly in the last few years due to human greed for materialism.

Rule out materialism approach

The mindset of materialism needs to change as we need to give up our attachments to our family, friends, money, property possessions and more. We should start to see the world is one family’. So that one can take the problems facing by the communities. This approach gives multiple benefits to us like- our blood relatives are part of this world so the community is ready to take care of their needs, when we support community then we will get in return whatever wanted in life without any expectations, we can create leaders in the community and many more.

We can refer to the goals of the sustainable development goals  (SDG : of the United Nations to understand what problems are in the society, solve them based on the collective strength of the communities. These SDGs can be reducing poverty, environmental protection including serving the needs of the animals and more.

Request to humans

Thus we need to collectively unite as one family across the world. This enables us to transform ourselves from self-centered individuals to compassionate human beings where all the needs are equally taken care of. We also need to opt for the plant-based, eco-friendly and cruelty-free journey. This will lead to develop better societies and contribute to global harmony among humans and animals. 

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Concept: Lakshman Molleti / Artist: Shweta Sharma / Content Writer: Harish Edambaka, Apurva Sachan/ Content Reviewer: Y Aparna

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