Sharath Kodaganur (Synthetic Tabla Player) / Varadarangan Krishna Iyengar (Synthetic Tabla Creator)/Vasudev Murthy (Violin Player) /P.N.Pratyuhsa ( Vocalist) /Anna Vijay (Dialogue Editor) /Lakshman Molleti (Dialogue Writer, Flute and Other Instruments Player, Screenplay and Direction) , Nancy Samyukta (Story Content Writer)


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water bowl short film


As we learn with experiences one such experience put forth in the form of  a feature film also known as films with morals.And certainly films speak a lot louder than what pictures do.One such experience which happened four years ago made us to create this wonderful feature film.This movie can be promoted by anyone who wish to educate the people in and around us.We as a team AWBP-India have come up with this notion to promote and encourage the good work done by us and also initiate events and awareness campaigns on our theme.

The film is about a boy who was just like any other kids of his age trying to bridge the gap between professional and personal life and serious about his career happened to observe an incident which changed the rest of his life.The incident was as follows “ all the stray animals quenched their thirst from unfiltered polluted and unhygienic water”.Which no human would even consider to pay attention to.This happens even today and we as humans don’t even pay attention to it.This created an urge to serve purified water to all stray animals in the boy’s mind since animals unlike humans cannot purify water on their own for the purpose of drinking.

As the saying goes “Charity begins at home” he started off by leaving a small bowl of water in his balcony where he saw pigeons crows sparrows and a variety of birds came to quench their thirst.This gave him a sense of satisfaction and happiness.He started carrying one extra bottle in his bag for the stray animals around his place.These actions inspired many fellow humans around. After carefully studying and analysing the issue about the challenges faced by the animals on the planet he comes up with a plan to change this society. After 4 years he launches a project called AWBP INDIA the idea behind this project is to transform every individual to be a leader of stray animals at respective places.And to connect Humans with animals .This journey continues till the vision is reached.


If we as humans wish to see a peaceful society (no poverty, no pollution) and a balance in the ecosystem the basic balance in the flora and fauna on this planet then our first step should start with connecting to animals. Taking care of their basic necessities could be food,water,shelter. Let’s do our bit of service for a better society. To see to it that all animals at your place get safe drinking water round the clock throughout the year.As water is a basic necessity to all living creatures we would like to introduce this concept to bridge the gap between humans and stray animals. And further move on to providing the animals other basic necessities too! Let’s start off by taking our first step towards connecting with animals and introduce them to a cruel free world of humans.

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