Artist: Shweta Sharma
Views: Lakshman Molleti / Shama Char
Content Writer: Shama Char

The World is indeed a small place! Yes, this is exactly what I realized when I see that there are many humans who are working towards animal welfare in their respective zones. I am not the only one anymore, who are struggling with dealing with the animal welfare in my locality. My words have been given a pictorial form in which I have come across people from different spheres of life, who are interested in different areas of animal welfare, like promoting veganism, awareness on animal welfare, the rescue of animals and the water bowl project. It is noticed that everyone is focusing on doing good for animals and this, in turn, is generating positive vibes on this planet. Everyone is traveling towards building a beautiful world by ensuring in their own way that all the animals are taken care of equally.

The routes that are taken in attaining this beautiful and pious objective though may be seemingly very different, but the journey culminates in a single destination -Animal welfare.

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. There are many ways to embrace vegan living. Choosing veganism helps in uplifting animal welfare, caring for our own health and reduce pollution and also poverty on this planet.

Awareness programs play a major role in connecting humans with animals. This is the area where animal hating humans can interact with animal awareness groups to clarify their queries and points. Clarity on the rights of animals is derived through such interaction programs, ensuring the protection of animals against cruelty in any form. This type of continuous programs helps to fill the gap between humans and animals and also transforms every individual to take care of animals at their respective places.

Rescues are part of an on-field activity to protect injured animals, where animals are treated on spot of the incident, with appropriate medication or are taken to the nearest veterinary clinic, basing on the criticality of the wound. This activity plays a very important role in saving lives of injured animals. Many workshops on first aid for animals injured on roads are being initiated by animal welfare organizations, in the common interest of animal welfare.

Water bowl project addresses the basic need of any animal. Water plays a very important role in animal’s life, like that of the humans. Massive industrialization and changing lifestyles due to modern technology are causing more pollution around. These trends are leading to the damage and depletion of our natural resources like water, air, and land. Animals are majorly impacted because of these environmental changes. Animals, unlike humans, can’t protect or clean the polluted water before they consume it. The idea of this project is to provide every location with water bowls and entrust the ownership on the inhabitant human population around, who responsibly install, fill, maintain and facilitate the availability of safe drinking water to street animals, round the clock.

Animal Welfare is a primary responsibility of every human, as it has many advantages to the environment and thus, to the humans. It is everyone’s responsibility to be a part of animal welfare so as to envision the world as a much beautiful place. It is also a moral and ethical obligation on each of us to give a better world to our next generation. All such animal welfare activities will ensure that all our mother earth is protected, assuring that our natural resources are conserved, preserved and deserved, to our future generations.

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