Just imagine how beautiful nature and animals on the earth, when there is no HUMAN around or exists. This film made to give a good feeling to the viewer and with a message. Please watch and educate your community members about the importance of caring for and protecting animals/nature around.

In this film, you will see visuals in the form of OCEAN, TREES, FOREST, WATERFALL, BIRDS, ELEPHANTS, RABBITS, PENGUINS etc., Every scene will give you a great feeling. The kind of positive vibe which they give back to you while you watch is an awesome feeling. This film will take you to the beautiful world of animals and nature which we miss in our communities these days. Just involve in it.

Film by : Lakshman Molleti | Concept: animals and nature / awbp trust www.awbptrust.org  | Produced: animal mark www.animalmark.com

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