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Each and every drop of water is important for survival to be it humans or animals. So if we go into the statistics 71% of the Earth’s surface is occupied by water, out of which only 2.5% is fresh (lakes,ponds,rivers) and thus suitable for consumption. The rest is saline and ocean-based (salt water, ocean and seas) that can not be used for drinking and we as humans being the most intelligent beings on this planet have the ability to purify as well as pollute water.

every water drop important in animals life

The intense importance of water can be understood by the animals who have faced it. Did you know??? That 60 percent of a mammal ’s body is made up of water and any mammal can survive only up to 21 days without water. It is equally important to consume safe drinking water as nowadays factories are releasing harmful pollutants and this is being let out into nearby water bodies and this worsens the situation for strays even more. Their search for drinking water becomes more and more hectic and never-ending.

We AWBP INDIA have come up with this wonderful initiative like we educate, we inspire and we connect humans to animals and also make the humans transform into leaders of the strays residing in respected location. This can help all individuals provide safe drinking water to all stray animals at their places round the clock and throughout the year. Let us all join hands together and move towards an un-cruel society towards the strays for the betterment of the good environment and better society.

Let us quench their thirst. Be a part of this change.

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