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The world around us is filled with various elements that are represented by one or more colors of the rainbow,i.e, VIBGYOR. Each one of us would love to make life as colorful as the beautiful nature that reflects its colorful view, whilst bringing a lot of positive vibes around. This is one of the reasons for us to celebrate many occasions, with colors. Colors whether natural or synthesized, tend to add value to the life and make things seem more beautiful and attractive.

celebrations with colors

celebrations with colors

In the process our enjoyment through the celebration with colors, many a time, we forget its impact on our environment.The negative impact of such deeds is often overlooked, as we are engrossed in our celebrations. As repeated actions become habits; we habitually pollute our immediate environment, by not paying any heed to the subtle signals that the ecosystem gives us through various natural disturbances in the environment, or as calamities and disasters.

This behavior of ours leads to further damage not only to the humans but also to the animals and other species that inhabit the ecosystem. There is an alarming rise in the various health complications that cause premature death of many species, including birds and animals due to the negligence on our part to protect our environment from pollution, through such activities. The cost of our negligence is seen as the severe imbalance in the ecosystem that directly and/or indirectly affects the human population, too.

Any celebration must enhance the happiness in the society and contribute to its togetherness, which means that our celebrations must not affect any species in the ecosystem, be it humans, animals, plants or any other,  in a negative way. Hence, it is obligatory on ourselves to celebrate responsibly with colors, by following a few safety measures, like:

  • Always opting for eco-friendly and natural colors instead of the synthetic options.
  • Ensuring that we don’t apply these colors to animals and also educating others to refrain from applying colors to animals.
  • Choosing a proper space, to ensure that we don’t disturb or cause harm to anyone, including animals.
  • Owning the responsibility of cleaning the space after the event.


We at AWBP INDIA, hope you follow these simple guidelines, to protect and save our environment, and pass on a safe and fulfilling environment to our future generations.We heartily, wish you all a happy ‘celebrations with colors’. Let’s celebrate events with colors and add color to all lives that inhabit this ecosystem, since, a balanced ecosystem is a great space for a balanced living.


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