What is Access Point?

It is a place (house/ shop/ school / Office) where AWBP INDIA keeps water bowl units so that animal lovers can easily pick the bowls to support stray animals at their places round the clock.

What is the need for Access Points?

It is to reduce the distance travel by animal lover to pick the water bowl to support stray animals at their places from AWBP INDIA their by stray animals get immediate support without any delay.

What is the range (distance) currently AWBP INDIA targeting to cover?

AWBP INDIA targeting to have at least one access point in every 5 KM range.

What are the locations covered till now?

Click here for latest details.

What role need to be played as an ACCESS POINT volunteer?

  • You need to follow the guidelines and need to update yourself about AWBP INDIA.
  • You must educate the people (5 rules) who come to your place for a bowl.
  • You must collect the details of the people who collect the bowls from you and that need to be updated in excel file shared by AWBP INDIA.
  • You must follow up with the people who collected water bowls from you, every 15 days and see that they share pictures or video clips to +91 79939 12345.

Note: We will terminate your volunteer internship without any intimation if we observed that you are not following AWBP INDIA guidelines.

How can we reach AWBP INDIA to chose our place as one of the ACCESS POINT?

Please send your interest (Click Here) with all the details, we will get back to you asap.

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