Todayon Wednesday,26th June-19, Animals Water Bowl Project India(AWBP INDIA), was invited by the Google India Private Limited company as part of the Google Serve initiative a social arm of google that enables it’s employee’s who are interested to volunteer through which they’re willing to contribute their professional time to serve the social cause that they’re interested in.AWBP INDIA is grateful for being invited to be a part of this cause.It’s
a great honor for the AWBP INDIA and it’s volunteer team to participate in this cause heart-fully.
Activities –
We started the day’s activity through the collection of 100 unpainted water bowls from the vendor, taking it to the Google India Office in Hyderabad, Google team collected the water bowls and taken them to a neatly arranged room that they readied for this specific water bowl painting event.Google Hyderabad had arranged a delicious and healthy breakfast in their cafeteria and the AWBP INDIA team ate the yummy breakfast till their taste buds were satisfied and eye’s glowed with happiness.AWBP INDIA team presented about their activity and two short films on Urban Lifestyle of Animals and others. The employee’s listened attentively to the presentations and videos.AWBP INDIA provided the Eco-Friendly water-based colors to be used for painting.

Google’s team invited the interested volunteer’s who voluntarily registered for this event, then the Founder AWBP INDIA team guided the participants with the instructions regarding the painting activity. The employee’s started to paint the water bowls with immense curiosity and creativity. Employee’s participated with the bubbling energy and enthusiasm like a child.At the end the employee’s were surprised as they created marvelous pieces of art with unique colors and combinations on the water bowls.They cracked jokes, had a lot of fun and laughter as a team.

Event pictures can see here Click Here.
Conclusion –
AWBP INDIA Water Bowl Painting Event had a tremendously positive effect on some of the Google Hyderabad employee’s as they came forward to collect the water bowls voluntarily, few choose to signup as volunteers. Google Employee’s shared their happiness by sending personally written email’s to the Google Serve team about they were positively impacted by this event.Finally Google Serve team gifted a GOOGLE SERVE Mug as a tocken of appreciation to the AWBP INDIA team for conducting such an impactful and empowering event.

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