In this film, an Animal talks about the struggle of street animals due to lack of safe food, water, shelter, and medication. For them, every day is a challenge and they consume what they find on the roadside and also live at the places wherever they find some space on the roads/ streets. They feel few HUMANS are like Heroes whoever cares for these street animals at their place by giving food, medication, shelter and water regularly. Animals consider HUMANS as Heroes as they support animal’s survival. Animal request other humans to be HERO for the street animals in their location!

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Film Poster:

our hero educational film


AWBP TRUST in collaboration with ANIMAL MARK and ECO CONZ

Team contribution:

Script/ Direction/ Editing/ Music :
Lakshman Molleti

Voice Over/ Translator:
Saini Mitra,Sandhya Karnati, Sinchana Koushik,Monica Kamble,Ayesha Parija, Angelica K, Lalitha Raman, Rajani Gosala, Monica Rayudu

Tejesh Kalyan,Varun Chhabria,Harish Edamadaka,Monica Sagar,Sindhura Pothineni,Maya Vishwakarma,Shreyasi Chatterjee

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