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Celebrations and festivities are an inevitable part of any community, religion and civilization, since time immemorial. They are meant to express our gratitude, joy and create an atmosphere of prosperity, forgiveness, sharing and caring.

encourage animal cruelty free celebrations

Celebrations and Festivals

Celebrating seasonal and climatic changes is a specialty of many nations culture and decorating the homes, streets and cattle is one way of expressing their gratitude and happiness to nature.Some vested interests though are trying to malign the culture by introducing violence and animal fights into it. The essence of any celebration should always aim at creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony, whilst protecting the ecosystem.

More often than never, these expressions of humans have outlived their purpose and have affected the nature and its constituents in the worst form! A simple tradition of flying kites during the festive season or sports or any other event also has attained such craze that people go out of their way to outwit others in a competition to scale greater heights.The use of synthetic and life-threatening resources for flying kites, like manja and other materials which are not animal-friendly, has made the existence and freedom of few species unimaginable. They are being deprived of their basic right of survival on this planet, all in the name of festivals or celebrations and the unhealthy competition amongst one particular species.

It is high time that every citizen on this planet respects the other species existence in this ecosystem. Let’s all urge that we use natural products and make sure that the festivals or celebrations are celebrated to spread peace and prosperity amongst all. Competitive and ego-driven intentions need to be discouraged to the extent possible, to ensure a healthy and festive atmosphere of sharing and caring.

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