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hungry part 1 educational film promoA street animal has not eaten any food for many days. Out of severe hunger, thought of visiting a place where humans reside with a hope that they give some food to the animal. After walking some distance, he comes across buildings and humans. The animal feels happy looking at humans around and thinks that humans will understand and give him food to eat.

He crosses the road with happiness. Reaches a lady for food but the lady rejects to provide any food as she assumes that the animal would be a menace in future. Later the animal approaches a man with hope, but the man refuses and shouts at the animal. The animal gets scared and run away from the location.

After reaching some distance, the animal gets tired and start a walk slowly. The animal feels, why these humans are angry at me for asking food even they also eat food to live. Today I am homeless because my parents, well-wishers and my shelter got destroyed because of these humans. Why are we ignored by them even we got every right to live on this planet? why this differentiation?

He sleeps on the roadside, after quenching the thirst with the sewage water. The animal lives with a Hope that he can live till tomorrow.


Every day many animals in our community dying because of hunger. It is everyone responsibility to step forward and give food to the animals in your community. We, humans, destroyed their habitats, and it is our responsibility to balance it. Please support them rather than ignoring them.


Credits: Voice/ Script/ Animation – Lakshman Molleti; Artist : Jagruti Nawale; Music: Shreelakshmi Bhat; Content reviewer – Harish Edamadaka

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